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General terms & conditions


Article 1

A These conditions apply to all offers,

agreements and implementation of Animal Supersale,

Unless otherwise agreed in writing with Animal Super Sale.

B Animal Supersale accept any terms and conditions of customer

only after written agreement with the


C. The non-single transmission of documentation required Animal Supersale to

c.q. delivery acceptance of the order.


Article 2

A All offers made will remain for a period of 30

Days unconditional, unless otherwise agreed.

Any offer first then leads to an agreement when

not by writing by the customer after acceptance

Animal Super Sale is revoked. A revocation will look

14 days after receipt of the acceptance is sent.

All B with an offer price lists, brochures and

other data is as accurate as possible.

They are binding only if Animal Super Sale

expressly confirmed in writing


Article 3

An agreement is only effected when Animal Super Sale

The order expressly accepted, respectively

has confirmed. The order confirmation or the binding offer

is deemed to represent the agreement correctly and completely.

Any later additions and / or amendments,

and verbal promises made by Animal Super Sale

and / or its employees, representatives, agents or other

intermediaries are only binding if this Animal Super Sale

has confirmed in writing by an authorized person.

For deliveries c.q. activities which by their nature and

No tenders scope c.q. order confirmation is sent

the invoice is also considered to be confirmation of the order,

which also considered the agreement correctly and

full display. This matter is referred to the administra-

stration of Animal Super Sale conclusive unless written proof.

Each agreement is entered by the Animal Supersale under the storage

deferring the condition that the take-off-the sole purpose of

Review of Animal Super Sale -adequate creditworthy for the financial

compliance with the agreement.

Animal Super Sale is entitled to or after the conclusion of the agreement

arrival, prior to (further), of the customer certainty

of to require that both the payment and on the other Treaties

gations will be met.


Article 4

A Upon issue of a new price list earlier losses

price offers valid.

Unless otherwise specified, the prices:

based on the order date or during the offer

current purchase prices, wages, wage costs, social

and government costs, freight and insurance premiums and other


- excluding VAT, import duties, other taxes, levies

and rights;

- excluding the cost of installation and commissioning unless

otherwise, if they are separately


- stated in Dutch currency, subject to exchange rate

changes, which are passed on if the official

exchange rate at the time of delivery more than 2%

differs from the exchange rate at the date of offer, which

is set at 100.

B Unless the parties otherwise agreed in writing

come true as the price for the ordered goods price

which is listed in our current price list at the time and / or catalog.

C are Any assembly or installation work

always at the expense of the purchaser, unless otherwise

is agreed in advance.

Supply and delivery.

Article 5

Unless otherwise agreed, delivery within

Netherlands free home / business of the buyer or

these are indicated by different destination location

The customer is required to provided the packaging c.q.

within 24 hours after delivery for any deficit

ciencies or check for damage to (leave).

The customer must at (af) supply any shortages

and / or damage immediately in writing to Animal Super Sale

to report, failing which entitled Animal Super Sale

is not advertising in that regard to take into consideration.

Delivery of orders within the Netherlands less than € 70, -

an order fee of € 10, - calculated. when carried over

sale applies to orders under € 250, - a charging

€ 15, - order costs and the actual shipping. orders

above € 250, - Animal Supersale may charge a weight surcharge.

Animal Super Sale is entitled to deliver in parts (deelleveran-

Features) which Animal Supersale can invoice separately. The customer is

obliged to pay in accordance with Article 10 of this


The buyer obligation to purchase. When the goods after

the delivery is not taken by the customer, they are also

saved his disposal at his expense and risk.

Animal Supersale may proceed After a period of 4 weeks to

(Private) sale. Any lesser yield, and the

costs borne by the buyer, notwithstanding our


Animal Super Sale is always free choice of transport

agent. Looking for the customer a different mode of transportation,

the additional costs shall be charged.

Warranty / Service

Article 6

Bearing in mind the rest of these Conditions

Animal Supersale guarantees the quality of the used

materials and their promised characteristics and thus

the correct working. The warranty applies to new

products for a period of 12 months after delivery,

including the time frame. Guarantee by Animal Super Sale

goods purchased elsewhere is given only if and

provided that the original manufacturer shall provide it.

Defects in delivered goods covered by warranty

be the sole judge of Animal Super Sale or

repaired or replaced with new ones, if the defects

in the opinion of Animal Super Sale / manufacturer due to

structural defects, the materials used or the execution,

making it unusable for the customer in question are

of the destination of the goods

Goods eligible for guarantee work must

free to Animal Supersale be sent. If the

suppliers outside the company guarantee work is to

perform, Animal Super Sale is entitled to travel and subsistence

cost to the customer to charge, and the

any (special) transport and the cost of

use test equipment. Warranty Work find

principle place of business within the Animal Super Sale (service

department) at any time during normal working hours. only in

case, it is entered into a separate service contract, can

warranty work outside normal working hours are


All warranty void if the customer

itself changes or repairs to the delivered (late)

performed (s) or not accurately using the supplied

according to the supplied instructions, or in some other way

improper treatment / use and / or used

purposes other than the intended use.

The warranty shall not apply to consumables.

Satisfying the guarantee obligation is regarded as the only and complete



Article 7

A Unless the buyer to prove intent or gross negligence

on the side of Animal Supersale, it Animal Supersale

not liable for damages of any nature whatsoever.

B Subject to the liability insurers of our coverage

the liability Animal Super Sale is limited at all times to

the invoice value, excluding VAT, of the goods delivered.

Any claim relating to loss or other indirect

or consequential damages of any kind whatsoever is excluded.

Otherwise explicitly indemnifies the customer and Animal Super Sale



Article 8

A Subject to serve elsewhere in these conditions

all complaints within 8 days after delivery in writing or by e-mail at Animal Super Sale

to be submitted, stating the precise nature and basis of the complaints.

For complaints on invoice, eight days after the invoice date.

The customer B is the delivered to the packaging immediately c.q.

upon delivery for any shortages or visible of damage as

check individuals, or to carry out this check

after notification from us that the goods available

the standing customer.

C, if any defects or damage of the goods and / or

the package should the customer upon delivery directly to the

invoice and / or transport document (have) stating, in the GE-

breke that complaints in this regard no longer pending

be taken. The administration of Animal Super Sale

in this regard conclusive unless written proof.

D If wrong by Animal Super Sale and / or defective goods

are provided, it is possible this -mits properly and in the

original packaging packed- return to us. Costs

such shipment are borne by Animal Super Sale.

The buyer is the reason for return in writing

to state. Animal Super Sale will ensure that as soon as

may still be delivered to the correct goods.

Returns are only reversed within 8

days after delivery.


Article 9

A Animal Super Sale shall retain ownership of all by

Animal Supersale off-delivered, until the upstanding whole invoice is satisfied.

B is permitted the buyer, the under retention

delivered goods within the normal course of

its business or activities to third parties expressly subject to the property rights of

Animal Super Sale to sell or encumber.

With regard to the (re) delivered software, peripherals,

technical data, bridging or work schedules of use

and operating instructions, drawings, and all other essential

documentation states that the buyer the only own

(Internal) to use to use, and not in any manner, and to

then who will deliver c.q. also sell.


Article 10

A net cash on delivery Payment must be made,

without any discount or setoff, or by deposit

or transfer to a by us indicated bank giro

account within 14 days after the invoice date. If auto-

matic collection of application is subject to a payment discount

of 1%. The currency indicated on our bank / giro statements

date is decisive and is therefore considered the payment presence


B From the moment the payment has expired without

it owed is paid, Animal Super Sale is entitled to the

delivered to reclaim goods under the here-

fixed under Article 9.

Interest and costs

Article 11

If payment is not made within the period of 14 days, the buyer is legally in default and interest of 1.5% from the due per (part of a) month on the amount still outstanding. The outer-righteous actual collection costs will be borne by the buyer set at 15% (with a minimum of € 125, -) from, including mentioned interest amount payable by the customer. If forensic recovery is needed, the customer is also the related costs, including the cost of legal of Animal Supersale, due in full to Animal Supersale.

Force of the majority

Article 12

Animal Supersale is not obliged to perform any obligation, if it is prevented from doing so as a result of force majeure. If the force majeure continues for more than two months continues, Animal Super Sale is entitled, without any liability for damages, the Convention by notification to that effect without judicial intervention, wholly or partially dissolve, without prejudice to Animal Super Sale on payment by the customer for already by Animal Supersale services provided before there was a force majeure situation. Force majeure means any circumstances giving Animal Supersale temporarily or permanently unable to meet its obligations, including - but not limited to - fire, extreme weather conditions, strikes or lockouts, riots, war, government measures such as import or export restrictions, default by suppliers, transport problems, natural disasters, disruptions in the company of Animal Super Sale or those of suppliers, problems with electricity, theft or embezzlement from warehouses or workshops Animal Super Sale, and all other circumstances which could not reasonably Animal Super Sale can be expected that they her obligations towards the Customer (further) fulfill.


Article 13

A In all our offers, agreements, orders and export

lining are subject to Dutch law.

B All disputes arising between the customer and Animal Super Sale,

will be settled by the competent court of tribunal Gelderland.

The applicability of the CISG is excluded.

Final provisions

Article 14

A Animal Super Sale is entitled to change these Terms and Conditions. Buyer shall be deemed to have accepted the change, if Animal Super Sale within fourteen days of written notification that change will take place, has received a written protest against it.

B If and to the extent that one or more of the provisions in the Agreement-binding have been or are, then the other terms in the agreement remain in full force. In this case the parties shall at the request of a party enter into consultations with the intention to reach agreement on a new provision consistent with the intentions of the parties at the time of signature of the Agreement.

C. Animal Supersale is entitled to engage in a third party for the performance of the agreement.

D Animal Super Sale collects and processes information on products, customer and officers, employees, affiliates or representatives of customer (personal data) in connection with the management of the relationship with the customer and the implementation of the Agreement. The personal data are Animal Supersale kept strictly confidential and only used for the above purposes, in accordance with the privacy policy of Animal Supersale. Customer also agrees that Animal Supersale statement announces its suppliers or third parties, if this is necessary within the framework of these purposes. customer itself at any time through a written request to the Animal Supersale management indicate that the data of the customer from the Animal Supersale files should be deleted.

If several E (on the right) individuals have committed as a customer, they are still jointly and each of the entire contents against Animal Supersale liable for all obligations arising out of the agreement.

F Animal Supersale retains all intellectual property rights, including, but not limited to copyright in the offers made by it, designs, illustrations, drawings, samples. All intellectual property used by Animal Super Sale or developed during or in connection with or arising from the Agreement, are owned by Animal Super Sale.

G The customer without written permission of Animal Supersale not allowed to intellectual property rights and / or photographs or images of the products Animal Supersale use or for any form of documentation and / or promotional purpose (s) for customer and / or third parties .

H, both during and after termination of the agreement requires the parties themselves over and over again until complete confidentiality of all essential business information in its possession about the other party's c.q. will be.

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